Aspen View Lodge



We are a mountain lodge offering breakfast, where individuals and families stay by booking individual rooms with private bathrooms. Private group arrangements are available too. The whole property accommodates up to 31 people.  If you are in need of multiple rooms, attached rooms or special accommodations, please let us know. We are here to help!


The lodge was built in the early '70s (dig the groovy orange shag carpeting in this vintage photo of our fireplace?) as one of three identical dorm buildings for a private boarding school called The Buckingham Academy.  The school soon closed down after a student left a candle burning and one of the dorm buildings burned to the ground.  Many of the school buildings still remain and have been converted into homes and condos.  Next, an ambitious developer added condos and created the 600-acre Timbers ski and tennis resort, including pool, restaurant, lounges, and stables offering horseback riding and sleigh rides.  Many iterations later, the property has transitioned into the Aspen View Lodge, your mountain retreat, nine miles from and 500 feet above beautiful Steamboat Springs.


"Thank you!  We enjoyed the house.  It was perfect for our wedding weekend celebration.  Thank you for making the room special with champagne and chocolates.  Everyone really enjoyed the cookies.  What a beautiful place to celebrate!"

-  The G's.


"We are back for the second time in two years.  We have had such an amazing time.  We feel at home here."

- The B's


"Thank you so much for letting us stay at this house!  P.S.  The house may or may not be haunted."

- Piper S.

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